February 06, 2008

Poetic Justice

"I think that the vision of the early SIP founders has been largely unreal in the SIP world. SIP is typically just used for this mundane trunkling application like the one we have or sending calls between two networks and it is just calls. The vision of multi-modal communications and rich end points has largely failed within the same and I think that a big part of this is that they did not pragmatically just solve basic problems like NAT traversal for example and they also evolved the specification to the point that it is no longer had its light weight appeal." Jonathan Christensen, General Manager of audio and video, Skype.

From one Jonathan to another: Remember H.323 remarks? What goes around comes around.

By the way, is Skype is really P2P or CS in disguise? Isnít their NAT traversal derived from the same source as STUN Ė UDP hole punching? (Read the History section at the bottom of the page.) Is Skype call model different than SIP, which is no different than H.323? Why do I get the feeling that I am listening to politicians promising "change"?

Posted by aswath at February 6, 2008 07:24 PM
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Remember this link?



Posted by: Frank Miller at February 7, 2008 12:57 AM

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