April 15, 2008

Comments on ecomm2008

Last month, a week before VON there was another conference - ecomm2008. Last week the slides used by the speakers were putup on slideshare.net. I tweeted my thoughts as I reviewed the presentations. The following is a compendium of those tweets.

  • Reviewing eComm presentations;so few End based solutuons
  • ecomm2008/millicomp: What would you do with an always on/connected millicomp in your pocket? unifiedcomm, ofcourse
  • I disagree with ecomm2008/Ernst that Telcos as OpenID providers have a competitive advantage
  • ecomm/iskoot: use ip for signaling and carry voice on pstn http://snurl.com/245l5; i suggested in an old blog post that is catching fancy
  • Look at Ribbit's SW architecture and its complexity. no wonder they are a phone compnay. Are all thoses needed?http://snurl.com/245mg
  • Won't incumbents charge calls to inum as overseas call thereby reducing its attractiveness? http://snurl.com/245ow
  • Is Embarq a client of STL Partners? I can see the effects http://snurl.com/245rs
  • Shai talks about the need for navigating the web and then talking over PSTN http://snurl.com/245tw ...
  • toktumi talks about integrating PC and pnone http://snurl.com/245u2 ...
  • Trolltech talks about coming phone revolution in 2009 http://snurl.com/245u6 ...
  • Embarq announces cordless phone with IP interface; Verizon Home hub is also a comparable device ...
  • Promises of VoIP (actually of ISDN) - Happy Days - are here
  • vapps touts wideband conf bridge to be disruptive at 6c/m. Need to look into jvoicebridge. http://snurl.com/245yg
  • Luca talks about Hictu - 60 sec video blogging. Now Flickr has 90 sec. It is catching on http://snurl.com/245zv
  • If devices will have both phone and data connections, then is there a need for mashups? http://snurl.com/24640
  • Voxeo/ecomm2008: web tech, platform, SIP&inspiration=exciting 2.0 apps. http://snurl.com/24efk. Except we don't need SIP
  • standre/ecomm:We are building realtime Internet with open stds,innovative edges but no telcos. But there are dragons http://snurl.com/24eia
  • EnThinnai handles standre dragons in its own way. Will take a regular blog post

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    Now Tweeting as @aswath

    For the past few days I have been tweeting as @aswath. Given its nature, I am finding that I am able to share more thoughts and listen to more people. I hope you will follow me there. But I will continue to post here at my historic rate.

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