Comments: Integrating POTS line, Google Voice account and Obi110

Re: difficulty #2, your Google password is NOT stored on the portal, it is only stored long enough to send it to your device and is then discarded (there has been discussion of this on the OBiTalk forum and company officials have assured us that passwords are NOT stored).

Re: #3, I believe such a device is in the works - rumors have it that a device is coming with wi-fi and two-line capability. I don't know if the upcoming OBi202 will have that capability, though.

Re: #4, it's strange that such calls would not complete, they do on mine. Did you dial them in a way that the Obihai isn't expecting them? For example, by default I believe Obihais look for 11 digits (1+area code ...) or 7 digits, if you enable 7 digit dialing in the portal, but I don't think you can dial **8+10 digits, although you could change the dial plan in the device to allow that.

Re: #5, You may want to suggest that in the OBiTALK forum. They do occasionally implement user suggestions, though not always as often as I'd like.

Posted by Geoff at January 12, 2012 12:45 PM

Geoff, thanks for stopping by and responding to my observations.
1. If Obi110 is powered down, I could still go to the portal and enter the credentials. This means that they store the password till the device is powered up and connected to their site. I really would like to see their portal behave like a Proxy and if the device is powered down, then the portal should reflect that and nothing more. This way they do not have to store even momentarily.
2. Thanks for pointing out that with **8, it does not accept 10 digits. I am not sure why the default dial plan is set like that. I think, it is better that the device dials out after **8, just as the user dialedin and leave it to the user and the PSTN carrier.

Posted by Aswath at January 12, 2012 01:02 PM

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