May 21, 2007

Usual Fallacies of VoIP

Garrett Smith points out a story about David Pogue's recent keynote presentation where he hazards a guess that land line telephone service will be free because of VoIP. He might be right, but then we still pay for water. But Garrett doesn't think so because he says the big telcos will never let it happen. May be. But how will little guys like Skype will ever meet their financial objectives? Acting like a telco or offering enhanced features that can be realized at the "intelligent ends" for a small fee?

Pogue may have parroted a few fashionable words currently associated with VoIP, but the quotes clearly suggests that he knows not what he is saying. Is Skype cheaper because people using it look like a"dork"? Can't one fabricate a standalone Skype device for the price of a cordless phone? I guess if you can attach NYT to your name and repeat pithy saying that are currently fashionable anything goes.

Posted by aswath at May 21, 2007 11:21 PM
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