February 02, 2007

Competitive VoIP CAN Strike Back

In a recent post, Om Malik points out that competitive VoIP providers like Vonage and Sunrocket will face difficult times in light of cable operators’ increasing market share and the bundled offers from AT&T and Verizon. But there is a way for competitive VoIP providers to fight back. The inspiration should come from mobile industry, which introduces increasingly sophisticated handset. Analogously, instead of giving away limited and staid ATA’s, they could push different devices like screen based phones. They shouldn’t stop there; given such devises, they could offer features and services that take advantage of them. It is still not too late. If the note lacks details, then you know how to get it from me. Of course, MSOs can follow suit, but that is bound to happen if “arms dealer” is involved.

Posted by aswath at February 2, 2007 08:48 PM
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