September 18, 2006

Let us define VoIP

Om discusses the news item that Cablecos are adding VoIP lines at a brisk speed. Predictably Martin points out that cablecos service is no different than PSTN. Previously I had suggested we have to use a more clearly stated definition for VoIP. Cablecos don't call their service VoIP when it suits them; Earthlink/Covad claims their service is VoIP. So here is my submission:

1. (obvious one) Based on IP; 2. Uses a message oriented signalling; 3. (many will flunk this one) Allows for use of at least one wideband codec; 4. (NCP based cableco service will not qualify this one; even many SIP based systems fail due to greedy business plans) Allows for an "intelligent" end-point (simple litmus test - Call waiting is not a feature; service provider does not determine the "line" is busy).

By the way, Martin's requirement that enabling "3rd party apps and features" is derived from the last one.

Posted by aswath at September 18, 2006 09:49 PM
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