March 05, 2006

What Intelligence, What End?

Tom Keating has posted a forthcoming announcement from Cisco on their Unified Communications. In that long write up, two things are noteworthy. The first thing is that they are embracing SIP big time. The second thing is quote from Barry O'Sullivan vice president and general manager of Cisco's IP Communications Business Unit: "Our strategy is to put as much intelligence onto the network to allow applications whether our applications or others applications to take advantage of that intelligence. So call processing intelligence, presence intelligence, and rich-media applications.” What an irony! H.323 having been created by Bellheads places intelligence in the network (not true, of course). SIP, on the other hand is Netheads’ creation and consequently is happy to live in a stupid network. It looks like this is also not true. Oh well.

Posted by aswath at March 5, 2006 11:21 PM
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Maybe we'll see some open source aquisitions from Cisco now!

Posted by: Rajiv at March 6, 2006 02:49 AM

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