February 23, 2006

Open Source Communication Products

Om informs us of a new startup called Vyatta that has developed open source routing software that can be run on commercially available components. An interesting implication is that such routers will cost just one fifth of the commercial ones. Om also summarizes other open source efforts that have implications to the telecom industry. He does not say this in his post, but I think Vyatta can impact VoIP as well. Session Border Controller (SBC) is an important component of VoIP architecture. In its core SBC is a “twice NAT”. So it is very likely the open source router software used by Vyatta could be used to build SBC as well. This is an important development indeed.

Posted by aswath at February 23, 2006 11:01 PM
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Business 2.0 has surely has a breaking news on its hand, to borrow an oft repeated term in Indian Media circles.

The software sure can be modified to suit an SBC implementaion and going by the turn around time for OSS community, it wont take long for such a software to come out. The question is however, how do you moidify it to run on existing routers. The Cisco's and Juniper's dont really run on Intel's. And replacing hardware is not a very cheap option for Skype like services.

The answer lies in Linux, I guess.


Posted by: Rajiv at February 24, 2006 03:30 PM

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