November 05, 2005

Wild Mushrooms

Only yesterday Om told us about WaxMail, a plugin for Microsoft Outlook lets you add voice messages to your email messages. Today there is a story about NowPos. It is an email service that allows one to send voice recordings to any email recipient. There is a big difference: the recording is stored with the service provider and the recipient has to download it from there. This being the era of Web 2.0, an advertisement announcement will be played. Donít worry it will last only 10 seconds.

Now GMail allows 10MB (which is like 10 minutes of MP3) attachment. Why would I need yet another email just to send 3?

To use one of Omís lines, monsoon has arrived. Will we see more wild mushrooms?

Posted by aswath at November 5, 2005 02:23 PM
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