December 07, 2004

Quick observations

Lifetime for cheap: By this time I am sure that you have heard about a company called RNKVoIP is offering a lifetime subscription for $999. You also must have read why many bloggers are skeptical of this offering. I do not have anything more to add except to say that some must have heard, “Rise of a network of Stupids” instead of “Rise of the Stupid network”. Somebody overheard Oliver Stone saying that this is a conspiracy hatched by the incumbents to discredit the VoIP industry.

How to count: A report claims that Yahoo!BB has the largest number of subscribers for their VoIP service. That may be true, but is it significant and is it fair to compare to Vonage (et. al.) subscription level? I thought a subscription to Yahoo!BB includes access to VoIP service. The subscriber has not made a conscious decision to opt for this service. A Vonage subscriber on the other hand has agreed to pay a monthly fee. So it would be helpful if the usage level of an average Yahoo!BB subscriber is made available.

Posted by aswath at December 7, 2004 04:34 PM
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