December 29, 2003

First Entry - Introduction

I have decided to maintain a blog from the New Year. The tool is easy to use and it is included in the hosting package. Are they enough? God knows writing doesn’t come easy for me. Who will be interested in what I have got to say? But then again, lately I have been posting to a handful of discussion boards. I feel blog may be a better mechanism to maintain appropriate rights. The blog will mostly focus on topics related to the telecommunications field with special emphasis on IP real time communications (thanks to Jeff Pulver) and PSTN.

Happy Holidays and New Year.

Posted by aswath at December 29, 2003 11:04 PM
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Welcome. I look forward to reading your blog. Can you drop me an email with some info about yourself, or perhaps add an 'about' page to your blog? TIA.

Posted by: David Beckemeyer at January 2, 2004 09:12 PM

Thanks for your encouragement. I have added a link for a short bio.

Posted by: Aswath at January 3, 2004 01:45 AM


I wanted to send you a short note. But I am a bit embarresed to say that I couldn't locate your emailid. I visited your site and couldn't locate it. Please let me know.


Posted by: Aswath at January 3, 2004 02:04 AM

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