Comments: It is Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!

You are correct in pointing out that this is not "pure" VoIP. The UNE loop will be TDM, just as if it were connected to a Class 5 switch. It will be converted to VoIP at Covad's equipment within the CO.

This is analogous to AT&T's conversion of traffic to VoIP at its Class 4 switches - and we learned that the regulatory bodies don't consider that to be a VoIP service exempt from access charges and other regulatory fees and tariffs.

The good news is that, if this works, Covad will have introduced a new way for CLECs to offer competitive local services to residential customers. It is especially heartening to see that the service, unlike DSL, is not distance-limited. This could be a much-needed boost to a beaten-down sector.

Posted by LDP at January 14, 2005 11:43 AM